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What is a typical Wedding set?


Our standard package consists of a three ceilidh band. The normal set time elapsed time is 4 hours (inclusive of a 30 minute break which we normally take during the evening buffet).

The band will play a lively set of Jigs, Reels and Marches for well known set dances such as The Dashing White Sergeant, Strip the Willow, Witches Reel, Virginia Reel and many others whilst blending with couple dances such as Waltzes, The Gay Gordons, Britannia Two-Step, and the Canadian Barn Dance. The band is continually adding new dances from Scotland and Ireland whilst picking up the odd dance from their world travels! The band will lead you through the dances if required.

A typical order of play for a wedding or private party would be:

  1. Bridal Dance or First Dance (either ceilidh band or Ipod track (supplied by customer)).
  2. Ceilidh band would then play for one to one and one half hours until the evening buffet.
  3. Band would have a 30 minute break during the buffet and some Ipod background music would be played. (Could be supplied by customer or we can supply)
  4. After the break, we would play another one to one and one half hours.

We can also play Ipod music, supplied by the customer, at any point throughout our set.

*On some occasions we can supply a disco at an additional cost. An on-floor dance caller with radio mic can be supplied at an additional cost (this may be required for larger functions where there are may novice ceilidh dancers).


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